Posters and related abstracts must be written in English.

Poster size: 70 cm x 100 cm, vertical orientation.

Font type and size

• Arial or other sans-serif fonts (for instance Verdana); the following sizes are suggested:
• Title: 60-100 pt
• Authors: 30-40 pt
• Institutional affiliations: 20-40 pt
• Text: 16-24 pt

Basic information

Author’s and co-authors name and affiliations written in full, and marked with an asterisk; it is
good practice to insert tables, graphs and illustrations.
The structure of the poster should possibly reflect that of a scientific article and contain key
words (3-5), introduction, aim, methods, results, conclusions, bibliographic references.
Place the main bibliographic notes (no more than 10, preferably not exceeding 14 points) in the
lower part of the poster.
Include captions of charts, images and graphs to make them easier to understand.

More suggestions

• At the top of the poster, enter the title, the authors’ names and their institutional affiliations. It
is advisable that the title characters should be at least 2.5 cm (1 “) tall.
• Since the poster will be observed from a certain distance, the height of the characters for the
text boxes should be at least 1.3 cm (1/2 “).
• Well-marked graphs and drawings, easy to understand and completed with concise captions.

Further tips

• Choose colors carefully and pay attention to contrast
• Layout: the text column should not exceed 120 characters per line
• Images: do not use low quality images
• White spaces improve visual appeal and text readability
• Software: preferably use PPT (Power Point)


The posters, in light cardboard, must be affixed to the panel with sticky tape that will be
available on site.

Poster posting and numbering

Posters should be affixed and removed by the presenters themselves.
To facilitate the procedure, each poster is marked with the identification code (ID). The ID
number corresponding to each poster will be placed on the panel on which the poster will be
The number of the panel on which to place the poster will be previously communicated by
email to each author.
Finally, we recommend that you print at least two copies in 100 x 70 format.
Further information will be communicated

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